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  Nachighaa: Stone walls are up
  Nachighaa: We will be able to get castle wall upgrade tomorrow around 8pm Pacific
  Nachighaa: we have the rubies for wall upgrade just need wood, ore and herb
  Bennyboy: trick or treat!!!
  Steelhart: Another day, another patch. New content is nice and all, but did anyone else forget to screenshot there skill lvls? <Hate resets>
  Zilla (Diwi): FYI, I'm kinda waiting outside rom, seeing as how my main is atm unplayable. waiting to see what next patch holds for, now the worst class in the game, wd/w
  Zilla (Diwi): my part is done now. Expect me to be around more assuming i dont get the next job on the shoot.
  Aldaris: Thunder, you hypocrite! I come back for ch5 merriment, and you're nowhere to be found :P
  Zilla (Diwi): Movie shoot started. On 14 hour nights at the moment. That doesn't leave a lot of time for sleep, let alone gaming so expect me to be very very scarce. I'll try to touch base now and then.
  Zilla (Diwi): Expect a ch 5 update to charter in the next week once i get input from all other councilors.
  Thunderhorn: Hopefully u get back to regular schedule zilla, lonely in guild without u n ald on talking bout stuff i dn't understand.
  Zilla (Diwi): for those of you that have noticed. i been scarce lately. Really busy, lotta road time going on and some new work. I'll be round when i can but expect me to be here and there for the next week at least :(
  Thunderhorn: Just letting those who know Randone. He got zilla's email and logged on bout an hour or 2 later. Sadly they got to his megas n his dias but luckily still has his gear n gold. Thank you to those who passed the info of him getting hacked along.
  Thunderhorn: K thx zilla
  Zilla (Diwi): all weekend far as im concerned, as long as people have prizes to give
  Thunderhorn: Will the guild events for this weekend continue thru sunday or we just doin friday n saturday?
  Nachighaa: internets back :)
  Nachighaa: Yep good old "Ray" from india good times good time. we turned things off we turned them on again then we turned more things off and then we turned them back on again, ah ya good times good times
  Thunderhorn: Sux no internet Nach but "Ray" from india just hilarious
  Nachighaa: looks like no internets at home till sometime Tuesday :(
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